Horizon rental just got a whole lot easier with horizon-carental.com rate finder, where we search for the lowest rates no matter what location or car type you choose. Whether you are looking to rent an economy auto, luxury auto, or an SUV, the lowest rates can be found right here. We also offer a range of great deals and discounts, including a convenient pre-pay option that allows you to lock in our lowest auto rental rates. And thanks to our streamlined reservations process, finding the right auto at the right price is just a click away. So whether you need a car for a weekend getaway, an extended vacation, or to meet a long-term need anywhere in the Mykonos, start your comparison shopping here on horizon-carental.com


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Velanos Mykonos 84-600, Greece
Phone : +30 22890 24184
Phone : +30 6970 275800
Email : info@horizon-carental.com
Website : www.horizon-carental.com


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