Jade Vine is a five piece, London based rock band with an alternative/prog rock twist.

The band was originally formed by brothers Constantine (guitars, vocals) & Marios Magdalinos (guitars, vocals) in 2006. Constantine & Marios started writing the first songs and gigged extensively as a duet for two years in several pubs and bars around London under the name “Uncaused Creation”.

In 2008, the band was joined by Babis Margaritidis (drums, percussion) and Achilles Hilmi (bass). The band gigged a lot at every possible venue of the city, building a quite respectable fan base and in 2009 recorded a demo album which would prove to be the base of their forthcoming debut album.

2012 meant to be a huge year of change for the band, reforming with the departure of Achilles Hilmi and the addition of a new member Roy Stewart on bass and changing the name to “Jade Vine” while forging a different musical direction.

Catalyst of this change was the collaboration with Daniel Cavanagh from the well known band in the prog circles “Anathema”. Jade Vine teamed up with the charismatic songwriter/producer and guitarist of Anathema who took over the role of the co-producer and general supervisor of their first album.
Recordings started in February 2012, at SlaughterHouse (Lynchmob) and Heart of Gold studios in London and lasted till April of the same year. The album was mixed and co- produced by Patrick Moore and engineered by Tim Bazell and Robert King.

The Jade Vine debut album “Nothing Can Hide from Light” was released on the 7th of January 2013 receiving a very warm welcome from fans and critics. Also in 2013, Jade Vine is now joined by Anastasiya Malakhova on keyboards who brought a plethora of musical talent to the band.

Jade Vine’s music has been influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Anathema and Pain of Salvation just to name a few.

However, the Jade Vine sound is truly unique and differs from their influences as it is filtered through various cultural, political, social and auto biographical experiences which reflect on their sound and the lyrical content. The album is characterised by a rare form of originality, a sense of inwardness and melancholy as well as an infinite search of the psyche, for self improvement on several aspects of life.

2013 is going to be a huge year for Jade Vine as the release of the album is going to be followed by a lot of concerts in U.K and Europe. Jade Vine are planning to take their music to as many places as possible and reach as many musical souls as it can be feasibly done!

Additional plans include the participation in a soundtrack of a new independent movie production and more song writing for the next album.


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